Moving FVWMEvent into the main FVWM rpm


I need to move the FVWMEvent module into the main FVWM rpm. the reason for this is that for the stuff being done here at work, FVWMEvent is dying about every 7th time you use it. To make a long story short, I am thinking about embedding the functionality of the FVWMEvent module directly into the main FVWM rpm - e.g., re-writing the source of fvwm to use the fvwmevent directly, instead of using the module - this would remove the synchronous call between FVWM and FVWMEvent - has anyone tried anything like this before? Is this the wrong forum to ask this type of question on? Do I need to talk to the wiki group instead?

If anyone has ever tried anything like this before, or has any ideas on the subject - please post.

I’m not sure I follow? That module is always shipped with FVWM.

You can’t be feeling very well, Skenderbeg. :slight_smile: That’s not a good idea – and I would seriously consider you look at why FvwmEvent is “dying” – i.e. when you say it’s dying, what do you mean?

The wiki group? That at the moment is pretty much me.

I suggest you look at what makes you think FvwmEvent is dying – the functions you’re using, etc. I can help with that if you like.

– Thomas Adam

Thomas –

Excellent. I will send you a report on what is causing the death of the FVWMEvent process, as well as what was called, and when it was called. If you could help me find a way through this, that would be great.

I’ll get back to you soon.

  • Skender

OK – if it’s sensitive information, or what have you, you can always email me (the address is in my profile.)

– Thomas Adam