moving icons

When moving icons on the desktop it allows me to place icons on top of each other and also off the edge of the screen. I have
Style * SnapAttraction 62 77
Style * SnapGrid 62 77
set but it still sometimes lets me place icons on top each other.

As far as the screen edge I’ve experimented with
EdgeResistance 150
EdgeScroll 100 100
EdgeThickness 0
but it still allows me to place icon off the screen. Thank you

Thanks Tronar, I increased EdgeResistance to 60000 but it doesn’t seem to work. However, I tried your suggestion of Style * EdgeMoveResistance 60000 and it worked. Thanks!

Any takers on my 1st question…how to stop icons from being accidentally placed on top each other? Thanks all!

Very nice that you succeeded. In fact, when I read your post a second time, I had the impression that I had misunderstood your problem and deleted my answer. That’s why nobody sees it here.
My second impression was that you do NOT want to disable movements beyond the screen borders but rather that FVWM does not flip the screen pages as intended, so your icons end up in nirvana. Obviously my first impression had been right.

This will always happen, so it’s not possible to do what you want.

– Thomas Adam