Moving Windows as Outlines and Having Other Windows Update

When I move a window, I want the behavior that you get with opaque moves, but without having opaque windows.

That is, I’d like to still move windows as outlines, but have the content of windows updating while I’m performing the move, which is the behavior I’ve witnessed if I turn on opaque moves.

Currently everything sort of pauses while I’m moving the outline about and then events resume once I’ve released the window I’m dragging.

Any ideas?

You can’t.

Yes – with OpaqueMoveSize 0, what’s happening is that the rubber-band is draw. At the same time, the XServer is grabbed which is why everything freezes. If you don’t like this, don’t use that style.

– Thomas Adam

Well, damn.

But I like the rubber band/outline, I just don’t like the grabby part.

So I guess I should figure out how to implement a “fix” and submit a patch for a new style option or something. I might be able to do that…

Well, thanks anyway.

No, it works that way because of the drawing of the rubber-band (see the XorValue command). It’s intentional, not deliberate and is not a bug.

– Thomas Adam

Yeah, I understood what you meant. That’s why I said “fix” instead of fix. It’s a feature, not a bug, so it doesn’t need actual fixing. I would just prefer a different behavior.