moving windows


I’m trying to customize the fvwm2 to emulate the windows xp feel, I’m trying to get windows feel for the windows that are currently active. I want to move the currently active window using mouse and I want the window to move with it, rather then just the matrix of the window. i.e. if you click on top of the window and drag in any direction you will see only the matrix (square boxes that represents the current window) moves. Unlike windows xp where window gets repainted at every move.

Can someone please help???

In the Fvwm manpage searching for OpaqueMoveSize should give you all the information you need.

excellent, cool…

Thank You

If you are interested in a configuration emulating windows xp,
you can install fvwm-themes and load the redmondxp theme.

You can find a screenshot of the theme at the following url :