MPD Control & Cover Art

Requirements: imlib2, mpd, mpc (ncmpc is optional)

I think this is at the point where it’s stable, bug free, and light on resources, so I’m “releasing” it. It looks something like this:

It has normal previous/play/pause/stop/forward controls as well as a control to pop up a playlist (I suggest ncmpc, shown in the image above). It also shows a small image of the cover art which, when clicked on, brings up a window with the artist and album name, and a larger picture.

NOTE: You must specify a value for an environmental variable called CoverArt. For example, put the following line in your fvwm config somewhere:

SetEnv CoverArt cover.jpg

and replace cover.jpg with the filename of the cover art in your music directories.

The layout of files should be something like:

~/.fvwm/ scripts/ CoverArt mpdSongName resize images/ cover_none.png mpd/ next12.png pause12.png play12.png playlist12.png prev12.png stop12.png

Any questions, problems, or suggestions, please ask.

This is very nice!
I probably won’t try it out though, was doing something similar until i stopped using amarok/mpd (Xbox media center all the way :wink:).

Good job, especially following KISS (Keep it simple stupid :wink:)!