mpd-controll for FvwmButton

Hi guys!

I made an applet for the genius mpd and the FvwmButton.

Is there some Webspace, where i can provide this Applet for you?

Is it a good idea, to build a debian-package?



I’m not sure if box-look does anything but full configurations. If they don’t and the archive isn’t too big I can host it if you want, in the latter case you can just e-mail me the archive.

It might also be of interest to you that me and Hun hacked something up to interface with mpd (well, mpc actually) way back in the day (and apparently the link to the screenshot is dead. Not really surprising after nearly 10 years I guess :wink: ).

My domain is right back now… So i can host it myself.
I think i’ll build a debian-package with the depencies (mpd, mpc…)

And i will study your stuff. Thx :slight_smile: