Music players stop working

I used audacious music player for a while, but it suddenly stopped working: it simply will not run. If I delete its config files, it works again. I got fed up with this so tried deadbeef instead, and the same thing happened. Same again with decibel.

All these are on Debian, a recent install, both fvwm and the music players installed from debian repositories (except one or two of the music players from deb-multimedia).

All I can find via google is this rather vague statement on a BSD forum: “audacious also has problems with fvwm window manager”. Does anyone know what exactly causes this behaviour, and how to stop it? It’s annoying having to delete the config files and thus losing all my settings. Alternatively, can anyone recommend a music player that will work on fvwm, other than a console player? I prefer something very simple.