MX Linux 19.3 FVWM3 myExt (respin)

This respin is a collection of FVWM configs that I have been creating by using the default config as a base. The collection makes the desk different from what none-FVWM users may have experienced before. It has a modern look but the behavior and navigation are similar to the functions of the mid-90s before Win97 was introduced. Easier to use, and more efficient. How to use it, and keeping MX users in mind, the CD includes one help screenshot.

Here is the download and information page. It is a good place to introduce FVWM. Anything you would like to edit or addon?


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The Internet Archive site is slow. For download, please use the SourceForge site

I took this respin for a little spin, as it were. I don’t know why but I really like it. Definitely different but easy to get familiar.
I take it it’s designed for a desktop though. On my laptop (1366x768) some things overlap. FvwmIconMan and the apps panel. Whatever would be in the lower right (from your screenshot) isn’t visible (calendar and VWin). Granted, I’m only trying out the live distro. If I decide to use myExt regularly I can tweak it.

Very impressive. :+1:

Thank you for your feedback. This has been tested in 1920x1080. The VWin and Time/Date buttons position is measured from the bottom right corner (-0-0). Please, can you test on the live CD by changing the geometry from the top right-corner (+0+0)?

  1. Open Thunar file manager and click on Fvwm3 symlink.

  2. With Featherpad open 7Modules/vPager6pg.sys

  3. Scroll down and edit *TimeDayButton: Geometry 120x80-0-50 with
    Geometry 120x80-0+900

  4. Edit 7Modules/virtualWSwitch.sys
    *VWSwitchButton: Geometry 121x30-0-140 with
    Geometry 121x30-0+850

  5. Restart (left-click + menu + Restart)

Thanks but there was no change. Oh, and for me it was right click to get the restart. I wound up restarting the system the first time. :smile:

I did discover a couple of things. VWin and the cal button are where they should be but was hidden behind the VPager. On reboot it showed up on top.

It seems there are two simpleButtons. IconMan is obscured by the app panel. When I moved it out of the way there was another one.

Excuse the bad photo.

Thanks for the screenshot. I was looking for another lower resolution screen to make a test. This shows that Vpager is too high for 1366x768. VWin and Cal are ok. I have to change the default Geometry and DesktopSize. Try this edit in 7Modules/vPager6pg.sys

DesktopSize “1x6”
Module FvwmPager VPager
DestroyModuleConfig VPager: *
*VPager: Geometry 111x600-0+200

There is a duplicate. In simpleButtons.sys remove this line
AddToFunc StartFunction I Module FvwmButtons SimpleButtons

In your screenshot, the taskbar (left-top-corner) is also too wide. In taskButtonsCurve.sys it is 912x30

This was helpful for next update (0.9.8). Including making all buttons slightly smaller.

Note: In menu there is one screenshot app.

Thank you sir. Now everything is looking pretty good. Reduced the pager to 1x4, dropped VWin and Calendar down a bit, and reduced simplebuttons from 912 to about 512.
Now I only have to deal with app windows being too big for the workspaces.

Thanks again. :+1:

Right-click on desk>Resize>click-hold on a selected window, drag mouse courser to the widow edge and do resize.

@marcdw1289 For your info, a new substantial update is ready which makes it a full version 1.0. Optimized for screen resolutions between 1024x768 to 1920x1080. New features such as navigation buttons, wallpaper panel frames, and an improved virtual window 3x2 desk. Latest fvwm3 git 1.0.2-103.

The iso ready will be uploaded soon. Config package.
Here is one screenshoot running on 1360x768 screen.

The final version 1.0 is ready + live CD… check on SourceForge.

Before downloading, please take a look at YouTube 10 min video introduction (no sound included).


Great news. Thanks.
With work picking up I never did get around to fully installing the previous distro.
I’ll be checking everything out tonight. Fun stuff.