My config from scratch

Hello everybody !

First, special thanks to Gulivert and Thomas_adam who take time to help me.

I have a FvwmButtons Dock with FvwmPager and a clock Swallowed into it.
You can see Gvim and aterm in thumbnail. There are rox, mplayer and gimp.
If you have any questions, i’m here :slight_smile:
So what do you think about it ?

Sorry for my english, i’m french.

Nice shot, really impressive if you know you did all that in one week…

From zero to a nice desk in one week… applauds

Thank you verymuch !
Hum… 2weeks maybe :slight_smile:
I saw i will read fvwm man pages and work harder. I can do better (like gulivert and other) but now, i will relax ^^

Salut. Comment ca va?

De rien. It’s a nice shot, despite my old tastes. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

man very nice, can u post link for our configure?

Nice touch. It’s bright, colorfull and it seems very usefull. 8)

If I may, you should use a different clock or at least a different font for it. I find this one too much aliased and it does not match with the rest of your smooth styled config :wink:

Thank you for your replys.

@die-hard : i have problem with ftp now, maybe later.
@pem : sure, but i have not much imagination. What font do you think it will be good ? (arg, bad english).

It’s nice. Do any of those tools on the wallpaper do anything if clicked on? I’d be temped to stick invisible FvwmButtons over them, with staysOnBottom set. then you could click on a spanner or screwdriver and launch an application. Just for the sake of being pointlessly cool :slight_smile:

Ah no I didn’t think at that :laughing: It could be a really nice thing but not very usefull :frowning:

To match the desktop, I would use the same font as the one in your menu. Actually, I would use it everywhere: icon title as well as title bar of your window decoration. I kinda like XFT fonts. They are generally nicely anti-aliased. 8)

You can find my config here :