my config

Instead of cluttering this thread, im just gonna edit my first post for now on…

Update: 07-03-2007

Thanks to 6thpink for the gentoo overlay =p

This config uses some of the features from the patchsets, So use that as a warning…

Config(Thumb on the file info page):

I tried modeling it close to my GTK theme i couldnt live without =p Murrine-DarkNiceTM ( )
Icons: Gnant ( found on )
Thunar File manager
Aterm terminal
Trayer in bottom left , with pidgin (gaim) loaded.

All my configs

I had a quick eye-ball over your config, and you might do well to read the following:


Other than that, I am sure you find it usable. :wink:

– Thomas Adam

wow, u know i was actually wondering myself if i needed all those SetEnv’s, thats some great tips, thanks…

Other then the fvwm man docs, Ive just looked at screenshots and looked in configs, basicaly put 2 and 2 togther …

Thanks again, im going to clean my configs out right now, btw, would it be better to split the configs up like i have, or put them all in the main fvwm config file?


I’ve written a wiki page on this already:

– Thomas Adam

your fast LOL,

im reading over the wiki right now, thanks again

UPDATE: 2006-7-18

Ive swallowed the pager and time script into a FvwmButton to make it alil more clean
Cleaned up the unnecessary SetEnv’s

End Update

Much better… :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

Thanks :smiley:

i cant seem to get the config, is it just me?

just you

Well after I fell off the F? wagon, i come back … :unamused:

My latest Ss 1 Ss 2 and Config As usual comments, flames, suggestions welcomed …

Again thanks to you all for your info posted on this forum…

Aterm - terminal
ROX - File manager
Trayer - ugly lil sys tray right bottom - planning to swallowing this somewhere
Mix between stock gnome and GANT icons
MurrineDarkNice gtk theme

for those wanting my configs use this url for now on

I made section for fvwm configs

my config that i’ve been on for a while now, pretty much same as last one, only i tweaked a few things, and fixed the clock script to update the date on click.

as always…really beautifull…simple but efficent! 8) :laughing:

thank you :laughing:
I added a KDE rc file which matches my gtk theme pretty close