My current Fvwm3 configuration

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All settings done in shell script and lua.

Nice. Can you post the script for window decoration and the bottom panel?

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Of course, I changed the Fvwm configuration scripts from lua to shell, I’ll add it to github and leave the link here, but my git is kind of disorganized, but I’m working on it.

These are the Fvwm files.
And these for the bar eww

I downloaded the git zip archive. For my information, two questions:

  1. Why Fvwm system files (/usr/share/fvwm3/) are copied to git (Fvwm4/fvwm-bin/)?
  2. Besides the config file, which folders and files are supposed to be placed in the ~/.fvwm folder?

To have an idea of what your ~/.fvwm/config does, I am running it as ~/.fvwm/local.config

In fact, I copy the binaries from Fvwm and leave it in my home, and send it to this github repository, so that if there is a problem with the compilation, or with the AUR, I already have the binaries compiled. In case to use this configuration, just copy the file “fvwm-conf” cp -r fvwm-conf ~/.fvwm to have the configuration of fvwm, for the bar you must copy the file “eww” cp -r eww ~ /.config and so will the bara. In this configuration the fvwm is almost entirely configured in .fvwm/