My Fvwm config

Concerning eye-candy-ness, my current Fvwm configuration is very minimalistic. Jsust plain black window decorations without any 3d effects (to match the black stripes in the background image and to give an artistic passe-partout like effect), plain black Fvwmbuttons, menus with a simple background image. The terminal emulator (mlterm), Emacs and GTK (and even xdm) are configured to match the theme, and so the overall look is quite charming, I think.

The FvwmButtons sits in the lower right corner, the only spot on my desktop that is mostly unused (on my programming desktop, I have a vertically maximized Emacs on the left side, and one or two terminals next to it). FvwmButtons swallow a Pager, xclock and a small Python program I’ve written and from where I can copy&paste German umlauts (I’m using an American keyboard layout, and not all programs allow to insert special characters in a convinient way…). Additionally, conky is swallowed by FvwmButtons, because putting it on the root window is hardly readable for many wallpapers, and positioning of conky does not work as well as positioning of FvwmButtons. I had always problems positioning conky correctly, since my Xinerama setup is dynamic with laptop monitor and optional external monitor.

There are some settings which make Xinerama really nice to work with, like new windows opening only on the screen where the mouse is, Alt-Tabbing only on the current screen, having FvwmButtons on both screens etc. And of course, since some applications ignore window manager hints and I often unplug my laptop and leave the applications behind on the external screen, I’m happy that I can move them to the current screen with either the Pager or my “rescue shortcut”: Key C A CM All (CurrentDesk) MoveToScreen c.

When the mouse is over the root window, I can launch my most used applications by pressing single letter keys (“t” for terminal etc). Ctrl+Alt+letter combinations are reserved for window placing commands and Fvwm commands, Ctrl+Tab switches desktops, Alt+Tab switches between windows.

Since I hate Icons on the desktop, all iconified applications just disappear. Middle-mouse-click on the root window reveals a window list where I can see all applications (iconified or not) and de-iconify them. Left-mouse click gives the usual Applications/Debian menu, right-mouse click pops up a menu with wich I can steer mplayer, see this thread. Of course, those menus can be opend with Ctrl+Alt keycombinations als well.

Here is the configuration file: .fvwm2rc. Youc can grab related config files and scripts from my web page.