My Headless FVWM

I created a customized theme for FVWM2, which looks quite different from
other wm. The idea is remove title bar completely. I call it “headless FVWM”.

Screenshots: … shots.html
Config file:

It fully used the screen real estate and look very pretty.

The features in the configure file include:

  1. In order to control the windows without titlebars, 3 buttons are
    created on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Left click on the frame to resize the window; right click to move;
    middle click to pop window options menu. F7-F12 are shortcuts
  3. Sloppy focus is disabled by click focus unfortunately. Because
    the window have to be focused when pointer is moved to the corner of
    the screen. If there is a timer for sloppy focus, just as the popup
    timer, that will be perfect.
    Note: This is worked around by using FvwmAuto and save the windows
    id to an envrionment virable. And the timeout value is set to 2
    seconds. Not good enough though.
  4. Miniature snapshot of windows are used as icon. This is taken from
    Tavis Ormandy ( I added some code so it combines
    the icon file with a translucent window snapshot.
  5. FvwmIconMan is fully transparent. Combined with shadow, it creates a
    “light up” effect when selected or pointed, and is easy to see on both
    light and dark backgrounds.
  6. Dynamically constructs a background selection menu with preview.
  7. Maximized behavior is changed to that when one window is maximized, all
    other windows are iconified.

Omg, that’s nice! And nice to meet another screen estate freak like me :wink: Even if I have become a little less screen estate aware since I got my 1600x1200 crt :slight_smile:

Finally applied the translucent patch in my FreeBSD box. Also my new black and white wallpaper. … shots.html

Thank you for the patch, blackDragon !

Nice shots :smiley:

I really should have a look at your config once I have the time…

Finally installed xcompmgr in my FreeBSD box. It works very well and the render speed is acceptable for everyday use.

The good part of drop shadow for titleless windows is it makes the window more distingishable, gracefully!

Here is the newest screenshot. I am using ROX as the background (xsetroot does not agree with xcompmgr somehow). … shots.html


Can you tell me how you applied the translucency patch on freebsd?

  1. untar the patch and copy it over to /usr/ports/x11-wm/fvwm2-devel/files
  2. rename the patch to patch-z
  3. I deleted an empty line in the patch that cause conflict.

[code]> — fvwm/menus.c 28 Aug 2003 20:26:13 -0000 1.372

@@ -7213,7 +7292,6 @@

  • for (t =; t != NULL; t = t->next)
            MenuRoot *mr = NULL;


  1. make clean && make all

Enjoy !

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I’ll try that