My second try

Hi folks,

I had an account here like a year ago under “kcirick”, but it got inactivated (because I was off for so long), so I created a new name.

Anyway, I’m presenting you the third version of my fvwm config that I’ve been working on. (The second version is still floating around somewhere in the forum, but I don’t konw where exactly it is)

Here is the screenshot

I need to clean the .fvwm2rc file, so if anyone wants to see it, I’ll clean it and post it. Any other questions or comments you can post here too.

Thanks guys!

Nice shot, you need a new GTK theme though :wink:

Btw, your account is still active and has always been, we don’t tend to deactivate accounds, are you sure you didn’t just lose your password?

So It turned out that I had the wrong password.

Anyway, I made a little modification to the config and it looks quite a bit better (in my opinion anyway), so I’ll post that sometime very soon.

Hi folks,

I am pretty much finished with my reworked config (version 4.1). You can see the screenshot (in fact two of them) on the webpage that I dedicated towards my FVWM config:

I have borrowed the “no-titlebar” idea from aelsi along with many other little upgrades. I’m still working on cleaning up the config.

Please comment on this. I always like feedbacks (both positive and negative!)

Your description of what FVWM stand for on your webpage is incorrect. The ‘F’ is undefined (see the main FVWM FAQ as to its history).

– Thomas Adam

Incorrect or Incomplete? I didn’t feel like just copy and paste the entire list so I just picked one that I liked the most. I don’t think it’s incorrect though.

I like this config alot. I may have to install ubuntu on my laptop so I can try this out.