My (somewhat) Simple Config

This is the config I’ve been using on my iBook.

Config(Warning: extracts to .fvwm)

Nothing special, all pretty basic and fairly simple.
[]Most mouse actions are one button since the iBook only has one mouse button[/:m]
[]Thumbnailing icons (slightly modified version of what sascha posted)[/:m]
[]Wallpaper browser (didn’t like the way fvwm-menu-directory was formatting the entries and for some reason I just found it easier to just write my own script for it)[/:m]
[]Yet another weather script (except I’m pretty sure mine is slower than other peoples)[/:m]
[]A slew of key and mouse bindings that might even be accurately reflected in the help menu[/:m]
[]Maybe some other stuff, but I’m too lazy to continue this meager list[/:m][/list:u]

Note: if anyone is curious why I have ‘Me’ in my buddy list, its because it was the only way I could tell what my jabber status was (away|xa|etc)

[Edit: Ironically, a goal for my config was that it be light on the effects and stay out of the way or in other words: to be clean; however, it only just now occurred to me to have a clean screenshot without any windows open. So, I’ve added an extra screenshot.]