N00b-fvwm2 for cygwin installation help!

ok i’ very new to, well everything basicly, i have installed and can “startx”, i can access my university unix by ssh.

teacher told me use fvwm2 as window manager. so all i did was change the startxwin.bat line “run twm” to “run fvwm2”. when i run startxwin.bat it opens X with white window, with my username, nothing else!

when i type fvwm2, it says another WM is allready running!.

so what do i need to get fvwm2 working?


you probably already have fvwm running. By defualt there isn’t mush configuration. try clicking on the background, and if that brings up a menu go to the configurations/screenshot forum, and try to get yourself a good .fvwm2rc file.

thanks for reply, how should i be running?

by opening startxwin.bat or by cygwin.exe? and how i do i know fvwm2 is running? shouldnt some sort of “Menu” come up?

and how do i install a theme? :smiley: too many questions in one post