[n00b] why it's not plain black?

hello there,

i’m new with fvwm, but i think i already love it :slight_smile:
it’s still pretty hard for me to get what i want, but i’m trying to do my best. now, here is what i cant fix, my decorations.

they look like that, event though i have set colours to #000000.

bart@gentoo ~ $ cat .fvwm/configs/colors 
Colorset 10 fg #000000, bg #000000
Colorset 11 fg #000000, bg #000000

i use THIS theme, but i’m trying to modify it, so it will fit my needs

if there are any other config files that i should post - just let me know which

thanks in advance!

What would you like to be black in that screenshot?

that’s right

Erm. Ok? Good luck.

eh, sorry… :slight_smile:
i’d like the decorations to be plain black, now they are gray, even though i have set colours to #000000

Looking at the config, I’d guess you’d want to comment out or delete the lines:[code]

  • AddTitleStyle Active ( TiledPixmap decor/title.png – Flat )
  • AddTitleStyle Inactive ( TiledPixmap decor/title.png – Flat )
    from configs/deco

That would most probably leave you with black text on black background, but I’ll leave it as exercise to change that. :wink:

that worked great, thanks
and yes, indeed, now i have black text on black background, but hey - practice makes perfect, right? :slight_smile: