ncmpcpp + gnuplot + FvwmButtons galore!

First install for this laptop (reposted).

I like the way you’ve created your thumbs for iconified windows:

  • same borders around thumb and icon
  • icon in the right bottom corner

very nice :smiley:

Would you post a download link for your config, too please?

– Thomas –

Sure I can :slight_smile: So I’ve posted most of my config here. Ugly in parts, I’m afraid. The iconify/deiconify is done by this module with this config. Within that module, this line detects and stores a new miniicon. That will only work when a window’s MiniIcon style has been declared, but I may have a better way to do this… $module->add_handler(M_MINI_ICON, \&add_mini_icon) ; Within the module, the iconic_mode and get_mini_icon subs create and crop the thumbnail. get_mini_icon attempts to create the minicon image with its internal border, but if it fails, then the thumbnail defaults to no miniicon.