New Patches

I have made various patches for fvwm. You can see/download them here:
The easiest way to use is to download the files at the listed at the top. Most are to change the look of windows with new styles of decor which I made for my own use because of current limitations in FVWM. Some are incomplete and don’t have great coding but I hope they may be useful.

Add this to the fvwmwiki, would you?

You mean a link to the site on

Uh huh.

Very nice, thanks :slight_smile:

This is going to a stupid question but how do you apply the patches and is there a specific order that the need to be applied to?

Shouldn’t be. You just need to download them, and place them in:


And then apply them in-situ of the *.{c,h} files:

patch < ./some_file.patch

(I’ve checked some of the patches — they’re not path aware, hence no need for the -P option to patch).

– Thomas Adam

Do these patches have to be applied to any perticular version or in any special order? The only patches i could get get cleanly patch to version 2.5.16 where InactiveFont and ResizeOutlineThin. I tried that snapshot version that was linked to fvwm-20060512 and the only ones that i could to cleanly patch are the 2 mentioned before and the MenuTrancparency.

with this Version the Patchset is patching clean on my System.

Ive just patched the sources without compiling at this moment, IIll try to compil this evening.

O.K., the sources do not compil, I get different errors.
Sry :frowning:


Yeah i was so happy when RoundedCorners patch clean. Just to be brought down when it wouldn’t compile :frowning:

What errors do you get?

– Thomas Adam

The various patches link was supposed to patch everything cleanly but I missed out some files in the libs directory. Try applying this one by running “patch -p 0 < ~/VariousPatches2.patch” in the directory containing configure. This will install all the patches but shouldn’t change any functionality unless you ask for it. The individual patches aren’t guaranteed to work because there are so many different orders and combinations that they can be applied in.

Real nice work, thanks frogb! I’ve installed it and will be trying out some of the new features.

We finally got multiborder to work… but now we can’t get rid of the handles… how did you do it?

Heh sorry, I deleted my previous post about having trouble with certain things. Yes, we can’t get rid of the handles for multiborder, and we haven’t gotten Hover to work at all (I tried with sloppy focus and commenting out usetitlestyle).

I forgot you need this for hover:

ButtonState Hover true

What handles do you mean? Does

borderstyle -- hiddenhandles


Thanks, that works! Wow I really like this. By the way, it works fine with usetitlestyle here…

Nope, I had tried that and it didn’t help.

Well MultiBorder is now working here. Thanks again for your work frogb, this is great!

Just a couple of suggestions that you are welcome to ignore if you choose, but there are a few minor glitches I noticed when playing around with all of this. First, when an app that uses MultiBorder is shaded, the SW and SE pixmaps cause the left and right sides of the shaded app to be a little weird. It seems that the SW and SE pixmaps cover up too much of the NW and NE pixmaps (see the whitish in this screenshot).

Also, when shading with RoundedCorners, there is a brief instant when the RoundedCorners disappear and then come back.

Hopefully you don’t mind the constructive criticism. Thanks again for your work on this, it can really beautify the fvwm experience.

Awesome patches. Thank you for these. I would have one suggestion: could it be possible to have only the corner piece coloured with FluxboxHandles?

Hi !
For Gentoo users : I made an ebuild for installing Fvwm from CVS with this patches. It can be found here (or here for french people).
Enjoy ! :slight_smile: