newb- any basic configs?

ok im running cygwin, got fvwm running, what the basic configs i can apply?

Umm, you’re looking in the right place — poke around the ‘Screenshots and configs’ section of this forum. Or indeed, have a look on the fvwmwiki

– Thomas Adam

guess i havent got fvwm working. its pretty hard to work out some of the installation guides when working on cygwin.

is there Begineer guide for fvwm? i dunno where im at before i download fvwm. teacher just told me to replace REM run fvwm? does that do the trick? if not do i need to install seperate fvwm?

i can connect to university’s, by ssh, i can open xterm, but command “fvwm” does not work!!

– Thomas Adam

thanks for the reply. as for reason those websites dont work for me!

when i try to run ./configure, which i believe is the command to install fvwm2, it says …no C complier found.

So install ‘gcc’ along with the development files needed. For FVWM, you will need xlibs-dev — although what makes you think you need to compile FVWM?

– Thomas Adam

compile, im just following the install file!

From what I can see from is that you don’t need to compile it for yourself. The one you can install from the cygwin package repo is in its binary, ready-to-run form.

This page explains how to proceed after installing fvwm from cygwin package:

Now you can be pretty sure you have fvwm running. After that, you can read Thomas’ reply again :slight_smile:

followed that website, installed some more extra files. changed

REM run twm to REM run fvwm2 in the startxwin.bat file.


You dont’ want to ‘REM run fvwm2’ – you’d want to un-REM it to start fvwm.

– Thomas Adam

REM Startup the twm window manager.
REM WARNING: Do not use an external window manager in conjunction with
REM the ``-multiwindow'' command-line parameter for XWin.  Doing so
REM would start two window managers, which is never supposed to happen.

REM run fvwm2

REM Set a background color.  Only needed when not using -multwindow for XWin.

REM run xsetroot -solid aquamarine4


man im confused! i dont think i got the right files to run fvwm2, in c:\cygwin\home\sercan\

all i got is ssh folder and few files, nothing like fvwm.

Check this thread out.

thanks for the reply. you see i could be here for days, the thing i dont get is, where do i stand, do i need to install fvwm2? how do i install fvwm2, how do i create a .xinitrx file?

Generally we like to sit down at computers… :slight_smile: You do need to install FVWM, yes. How else do you expect to use it? (You won’t need to compile it, that’s for sure.)

That’s a bit like asking: “How do I drive a car? Do I use my teeth?”. What you need to do is to take a step back for a moment and try to understand what’s happening before you do it. That way you will learn a hell of a lot more.

As for how you install FVWM – you select it via ‘setup.exe’ that CygWin provides. As to how you create a ~/.xinitrc file, you envoke an editor (Install ‘nano’ whilst you’re at it) to do this. As to what that file contains, see the previous URL mentioned to you.

– Thomas Adam

here some screens!