newbie question


I’m trying to learn a bit about Linux, so far I managed to install slackware from usb (package A,D,K and L)
Installed XFree 4.7 (from binfiles)
The XFree seems to run fine.
I did a ./configure, make and make install for fvwm-2.4.20 witch did execute without errors.

Problem is, I can’t find fvwm(2) anywhere.
Neither an XF86Config file.
I created an .xinit with exec fvwm witch, of course, doesn’t work.

any pointers?
Thanks in advance.

Most likely “/usr/local/bin” isn’t in your PATH. Hence in ~/.bash_profile add:

export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH

Then you will find your fvwm binary. Note also that you might want to try compiling FVWM 2.5.26 instead since it has many features FVWM 2.4.X does not, especially when you read various posts on these forums.

– Thomas Adam

seems to be that you’re using a (very) old slackware release…currently 12.1 is released…there’s fvwm 2.4 as binary avaiable but ther’s no problem to complie 2.5.x from source for that version

Thanks for your replies,
I see some trees but still have no clue of the forest.
Meaning I searched a lot of ./bin folders…
Feelings of shame…
Right it’s in the ./local/bin
It started and i was overcome with joy :slight_smile:

Chris, you probably think I’m using an old version because of the limited packages I mentioned.
I’m using slackware 12.0.
Just installed so little in the hope to figure out what does what.
Still had a load of problems so now i just did a full install and all seems well.
atm trying to get my rt2500 ralink running.
Gonna try some more until the danger exists that I start eating my keyboard :s

Sorry, last remarks are of topic.
My buddy’s are kind of allergic to Linux so forum’s seem the only place for me to blow of some steam.

Thanks again for the fast replies and this topic can be closed as far as I’m concerned.

but why installing xfree 4.7(?) when slackware 12.0 comes already with xorg?

further questions? don’t hesitate! :wink: