next newbie-desktop


4 decoration/colorthemes - 2 iconthemes with matching gtk-themes and pypanel-config.

I will split the configs later, it’s frustrating to edit at the moment, because each theme has its own config.

where to read about making the titlebar vertical?

In the manpage.

Looks like this:

Style aterm TitleAtLeft

There are much more options.

I will post the adress to the complete tarball in the next few days. It’s already up, but there are some minor things I’d like to correct.

i would like to know the name of the font you use in your menu please. Thanks :slight_smile:
Good job !

In the green/blue/grey-thing I use Hooge 05_54 and in the milky one it’s Ahnenberg Hand.

Can you tell me where i could find the Hooge 05_54 ? I don’t find it :frowning:

I have edited and split my config…

Now you can change themes and iconthemes, I’m still working on making “fontthemes”, it worked only partial so I removed it for now.

On first loading, it could be, that the themes aren’t loaded, just go to the menu points and chose.

Fonts and gtk-themes are included as well as a conky config and some wallpapers.

Read the README, it tells what you’ll need.

I hope you like it.