Nice Fvwm icon?

Does anybody know of any nice looking Fvwm icons? I’m currently playing around with Engage (a deskop manager) and am getting annoyed with Fvwm havind a default icon, so I wondered if anybody had one.

I’ve been searching all over the net but can’t seem to find anything with a suitable resolution…


[EDIT]For those interested, my entrance looks like this.


I was going to suggest using wm-icons, but I see now that they wouldn’t match any of your styles, especially based on the screenshot you provided.

Have you had a look at kde-look and its ilk for possible samples of icons you might want? Indeed, while I was looking at the rox-filer homepage, I noticed some interesting icon sets there.

– Thomas Adam

other links :

are good idea visit this sites … :wink:

I actually meant an icon for Fvwm itself, not for the applications…

Thanks for the suggestions anyway :slight_smile:

There’s no such beast, I’m afraid. Your best bet is to use some of the designs from the logo competitions and shrink those down to icon size.

– Thomas Adam.

what size do you want? I’ve got a reasonable scaled-down version of the catlike FVWM logo as displayed on the forum masthead. I forget the exact size atm but with a little help from inkscape, I can probably shrink it further

Well, like the size of a normal gdm/entrance login icon, that’s actually what I was looking for, I hate the fact that fvwm uses some kind of default icon then so I was looking for something that fitted the style most of those icons have…

I suppose they’re somehing like 64x64, not entirely sure though.

Well, this is what I use as my FVWM icon, FWIW:

Hmm, it doesn’t really fit in with my wm’s colors, but wth, it’s a fvwm icon! wootness! :smiley:

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: