Nice menus

Can i do in fvwm menus like this:

Your answer is: “Almost”, although it’s hard to tell from that shot if those are two separate menus or just one whole menu. If it’s the latter then you can’t currently do it, but could try using FvwmButtons.

– Thomas Adam

simple menus of *box. You can do even better in fvwm

Yes, FVWM can do this, but the only way I know how to do it takes a bit of work. You’ll need to have one to two custom pixmaps for every menu that you pop up. Basically you have one pixmap (or you can use a solid color) that will represent each menu in the inactive state. Then you create a second pixmap (or first pixmap if you are using a solid color for inactive) to be the active image when you mouse over a given menu item. Kind of like doing an html rollover in a web page, but you’ll be doing it for your fvwm menu items.

To set a pixmap background for active selections, set the ActiveColorset to a colorset that uses a Pixmap. You’ll want your pixmap to be as large as the menu itself, using a TiledPixmap doesn’t get applied as you would expect it. This will give the illusion of the effect that you want, which is probably good enough.

Get what I mean?

For example, to create your root menu, you first make a root menu that contains all your menu items. Then restart fvwm so the change takes effect and then pop up your root menu while taking a screen shot. Use something like the gimp to crop the image to just the content of the menu. Then you can use the rectangular select tool around the first menu item, select a gradient fill, and get a pretty close approximation of the 3D effect you were going for. This image is the one you will want to set on your root menu using ActiveColorset. Create a Colorset 10 Pixmap root.png and use ActiveColorset 10 in your MenuStyle definition for the root menu.

Since your root menu may not end up being the same dimensions as your sub menus, due to icons or whatever, you might have to create an additional pixmap for each submenu.

[Edit: I’m not sure if I made this clear, but the image you use for the menu selections will be the same size as the menu and the ActiveColorset will cause just the selected part of the menu to be swapped out for your pixmap, so even though you’ll have many 3D reliefs on your image, only one will be displayed at a time, which will be directly under the currently selected menu item.]
[Edit 2: typo s/room/root/g]
[Edit 3: typo s/addition/additional/]

Thanks, I’ll check it:) I’m going to integrate look of gtk2 apps with Murrina Deviant theme and Fvwm menus and panels for my first really config:).