no borders but transparent handles

i’m trying to build mac os x like windows… i mean “no border”! but i want handles to make windows resizable and i can’t make them transparent or translucent… how to?
thanks in advance!

You can’t have handles on a window without the border.

– Thomas Adam

may i suggest 2 choices:

  • you set the window borders > 0 ( HandleWidth 1 is not very large to catch
    them ) and you set:
Mouse 1 F A resize
  • or use this :
AddToFunc RaiseAndResize
+ I Raise
+ C Resize direction SE WarpToBorder

Mouse 3 T A RaiseAndResize

I’ve never tried to make the windows border transparent but i think this is just a colorset question.

Old, but:


Using Resize with the WarpToBorder or Direction may well be the “better” option.

– Thomas Adam

I’ll use current resize with the mouse button 3…
now… can i have only one side border? right side for example

No. You get all four sides, or nothing.

– Thomas Adam

i’m working on transparency and i use the next code:[code]+ I Exec exec aterm

  • I Exec exec transset-df -i $[] .7[/code]but it says/bin/sh: syntax error in expression (error token is ".id")and don’t know why… i use that variable in other functions and it works… i tried to put it between “” or double the $$ but i’m rambling

You’re probably running that outside a window context.

– Thomas Adam

from[code]# select window by clicking (as transset)

select window by pointing

select by window name or id[/code]i have to use one of these when i start an application… any suggestion?

the command in the previous post perhaps is usefull if i click on a button of the window… right? … yes, this works!

You can’t use it in the same function that you start the application in. You will have to use FvwmEvent:

Module FvwmEvent
*FvwmEvent: add_window "Exec exec transset-df -i $[] .7"

in this way it happens every time a window is added, not?

Yes. You can selectively ignore windows:

ThisWindow (!"some_name|some_other_name|....") Exec exec ...

– Thomas Adam

ThisWindow ("aterm") Exec exec ...if i need only aterm

Yes. You don’t even need the quotes.