Hello everibody

I updated the FVWM in my Red Hat, but after the reboot if I click the start menu nothing appends.
In the console I have this message “<>No such menu StartMenu”

I installed the last FWVM version ( 2.65 ) following the istruction in the help file, exactily:

  1. tar zxfv fvwm-2.6.5.tar.gz
  2. in the new folder --> ./configure make install and a reboot
  3. after the reboot the icon in the START button was changed
  4. Everytime I click on the START BUTTON in the console I have this message <> No such menu StartMenu

Maybe I have to edit a file to configure the START menu, but I dont know where.

Now I cant do anything!



Maybe it helps to insert a line at the beginning of the fvwm config file ( $[Home]/.fvwm/config or the like) similiar to this?

PipeRead 'xdg_menu --charset UTF-8 --format fvwm2'

As I am correct you’ve running fvwm with the look and feel of win95 - taskbar on the bottom with a START button on the left. If so you must rebuild your config. Do the following:

  1. rename /home//.fvwm/ to /home//fvwm.orig/
  2. restart FVWM. Now the system wide config is used.
  3. left mouse click and click in the menu ‘Setup 95 script’
  4. follow the instructions.
  5. restart

Now your menu should work again.

– Thomas –