non-gui apps and crashing gui applications

Hi all:

I have some questions dealing with how and what FVWM can do:

  1. As far as non-gui applications are concerned, FVWM doesn’t “care” about them, correct? Because it is a ‘Windows Manager’, therefore it manages Windows correct? If I am wrong, how does FVWM handle/control non-window applications? Does FVWM have to start non-window applications in the StartFunction area for it to ‘exist’? yes, I still dont’ know alot about FVWM interacting wit Linux… blush

  2. If a gui applications crashes, does FVWM know this? Can it ‘know’ if an application is no longer responding? And if so, can FVWM restart that application?
    I am just finding that there are alot of things that I don’t know about FVWM.

any thoughts/questions/comments/rude remarks would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

  • Skender

Hmm, lets see. Are you referring to console-based applications that run inside of an Xterm, for instance? If that’s the case, then all FVWM would possibly care about is the Xterm – but it wouldn’t care for what’s running inside of it.

If you, for instance had this:

AddToFunc StartFunction I Exec exec

All FVWM would do is execute the command. What happens after that is down to the shell to handle the additional ‘exec’.

There are certain ‘hints’, yes. In the case of FvwmButtons, these are even more so with ‘Respawn’, for instance. As to how you’d get FVWM to relaunch something if it had crashed (or closed), you would use FvwmEvent for that, most likely. But I don’t know of anyway to distinguish between a ‘crash’ and a ‘close’.

– Thomas Adam

thanks Thomas. Answered my questions perfectly.