Noob needs notification area

Hi. I’m a new user of FVWM, a refugee from KDE-land by way of xfce, icewm, flux, and some others.

I’ve been toying with Pem’s Gentoo+FVWM config ( and have adapted it to my tastes (topbar at bottom of screen, dock at top, for example). However, I’m badly in need of a small notifications area. I like to use Tomboy, a nifty notetaking app, and I also experiment with Beagle sometimes. Both use a notification area.

I ran across trayer ( mentioned in this forum, but the dl links are broken. Are there any other ideas? I’d like to slap a small notifications area in the doc or in the topbar, for example. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work!

Please see this thread:


– Thomas Adam

Maybe we should start a forum FAQ? The systray question would be a good one to kick off with

There’s one already – to be honest, I’d be more inclined to advocate the “search” feature of the forum, than I would providing a replica of metadata for existing questions. That sounds harsh, but at least the search aspect provides dynamicism.

– Thomas Adam

I agree with Thomas Adam, the search feature is one of the big features of the forum and “search before you post” is already in the forum guidelines…

But given the amount of questions about it, it would sure be nice to have it in the FAQ on site.

O.K., thanks. I had already read the thread referred to above, but when the applet I was interested in (trayer) wasn’t available, I decided to ask.

An expanded FAQ would be a good idea.

At any rate, I’ve now got a reasonably nice notification area on my dock, using Xystray as recommended. Thanks again.