NsCDE background stretch


I’ve been trying nscde/fvwm and like it very much. I’m tempted to switch over from my own ‘Cde theme’. I like a lot that the workspace buttons now stretch. Its coming close to the original…

Couple of things I cant find yet though eg background image stretching to fit the screen. The original cde had a nice gradient pattern as default on ws 1. But for 1080p it is a bit too small so it wraps at the bottom. Is there a hidden option to do this?

I also modified pclock a bit to display triangular hands, like in cde. Cant get it to display in the original colors yet, though. Maybe I can upload it to github if I can figure out how to do that…

Thnx and keep up the good work!

Hi Jos!

  1. Take a look at SkyDarkTall and SkyLightTall backdrops in Backdrop Style manager. Up until 1440p is supported by them. I have figured out how to made this gradients in The Gimp recently and diether them to get it exactly as in original.

  2. For a pclock, just open a issue on github and paste the unified diff patch when you think you did it with colors. That said, pclock as it is now is intentionally a bit bigger and more readable than original. Under most color themes (like default Broica) FP clock was almost unreadable. No wonder Sun put it’s own with red hands and white for seconds (which is a documented option in NsCDE). Maybe I will make it a FG color from the BG, and only left seconds red, which should be ok with 99% of color schemes.

P. S.
As you already know, I’m using your modified engine for GTK staff. It has one painful dependncy for cutting pieces of PNG file in the form of PyQt4 (I made it PyQt5). Are you aware of any more lightweight engine or way of doing this without so much dependencies like this Python API has on core Qt5 libs?


Ok thnx, I will. Hmm aha, yes dithering a gradient is a good idea hmm I must try that. Maybe this can be done with ImageMagick convert too…

Ok yes, if dont manage to upload it to git, I’ll just send a diff when I have it. Its up to you to decide of course on which clock you want to include.

As for the colors: if I remember correctly, I initially had a directory with all the small image snippets, and re-colored them using ImageMagick convert. But this was a bit slow, so I decided, as I was in Qt anyway, do it using Qt functions and use a single resource image. Will see if I can still find the old code somewhere…