Oberyno's stuff


First of all, I use quite a few PipeRead’s with zsh scripts doing the heavy work. So pretty much all `features’ are in zsh scripts. Random features:
Thumbnails(wallpaper and such) are saved in ~/.thumbnails/normal following freedesktop’s specification. (Thumbnails show up slightly slower due to having to calculate md5’s.) This requires pngcrush(to embed the required png tEXt chunks), md5, and imlib2.
My file browser script allows for opening files in menus with specific applications.(as defined in the script)

Somewhat dynamic menu system. Example:multimedia=" x gcolor2 gcolor x grip x inkscape x /usr/bin/gimp-[0-9].[0-9] gimp x xcdroast "
The zsh variable “multimedia” goes at the top of my menu script, and is parsed by the script, testing if there is an executable, and naming it appropriately. At the moment, it doesn’t handle icons.

My pager and mpc terminal are swallowed by FvwmButtons similar to Taviso’s Shelf.
I use scrot --focused to capture images for minimizing.

Other than that, nothing particularly impressive or unusual.

Thanks to tln and taviso for great configs which I based mine off of. :smiley: