Ok I have transparent menus/titlebar but

I cant’ get my title bar Icon pixman to have a trasparent background

I set up a “Colorset 24 RootTransparent fg rgb:ff/ff/c4, bg darkgray”

I also setup a MyDecor with

  • TitleStyle Colorset 24
  • ButtonStyle ALL – UseTitleStyle

this should have given me transparent background for my title bar pixmaps
but it didn’t any help would be great.

also looking for help Changing my font color for my menu with the transparent menu - right now it is black I would like a light green to make it more visible.

alos any help on making m Xterm background tranparent would be nice

I have spent about two days reading man pages and readme files
these are the last thing I have to do to finish my theme.

Hopfuly folks are looking at this sight LOL

try this:

Let all buttons use TitleStyle Flat

AddButtonStyle All – UseTitleStyle Flat

Download aterm and run it with the -tr switch

Hi to everyone,
I’m quite new here and noob in Fvwm byt I love its screenshots :slight_smile: and I want to use it on my desktop. After using gnome and xfce fvwm it’s something I really love for its speed and simple look.

I already instaled fvwm-crystal
I have transparent bars, and pager, but I want to have transparent console -I have aterm and xterm.

I wonder what it meen “to run it with the -tr switch”? :blush:
could You help me?
I have no idea about configuring fvwm. maybe You would recomend me any basic and simple guide?
thanks in advance

Basic guide

To start aterm with transparency setting, you have to open an xterm and type “aterm -tr” there.

thanks :slight_smile:
is there any possibility to have instant transparent terminal?

when you edit your menu, add a line like this:

+ I "aterm" Exec exec aterm -tr

you can add other stuf like -trsb and -sh X. Read ‘man aterm’ for more info (its really easy).