On top but out of the way. Possible?

I would like certain windows, like FvwmPager, to be visible and accepting input, without affecting other windows - like affecting initial placement, stopping a “Maximize grow grow” and probably other things I’m not even aware of. Is this possible?

You need to be more specific.

– Thomas Adam

Are you thinking of EWMHBaseStruts? If not you’ll have to be a bit more specific I’m afraid.

Thank you for the replies.

I still don’t know how to do what I wanted (have arbitrary windows ignored by everything that doesn’t explicitly have them as the context; Style foo “unmanaged unless it isn’t”) and apparently can’t communicate what I want.

However, I can satisfy my immediate practical with MinOverlapPlacementPenalties and hand-adjusting my functions to ignore OnTop windows.

I came here to ask this question. I would to like to set certain windows to be ignored for the purpose of window placement. The window management styles try to avoid overlapping windows which are currently on the screen, but I would like to set (for example) the FvwmPager window to be exempt so new windows will be placed on top of it as if it weren’t there.

It occurs to me that you could get something close to this behaviour by temporarily hiding/minimizing the windows in question while the other stuff happens, although it’s obviously not ideal - you’d have to wrap every function you called where you wanted these windows to be ignored, and you would probably notice the windows disappearing for a moment.