One more of first one's

So this is my first one, but still i’m kind of happy with it. It still needs much work, but for now, i think it’ll do. Config in overall is pretty much a copy/paste of tutorials with some modifications to please my eye.
I wanted to keep everything simple an plain, no fancy stuff, just pixels fast to load.

Click thumbnails for bigger views

Wallpaper: HYDRA by Chis S. (with a bit of color balancing)
Icons: Umicons by nobralin (colorized to match desktop colors)
System monitor::Conky with a few rss-feeds on the bottom
Playlist in second shot is aterm with transparent bg running ncmpc. Umicons is an iconset fot KDE, so i’ve just picked some i like.

ToDo: configure iconbox/thumbnails, desktops, menus, windowlist operation. Add mpc control (so i don’t have to open terminal everytime…), convert all (um)icons to match desktop… There are a headfull of todo’s, but i guess this desktop never gets finished anyway :wink:

I’ll post the config later if wanted…

Very nice and clean.

Especially for a first.

i like it

Thanks! It’s been fun to work with fvwm, since I’ve always wanted a fully configurable AND a light desktop. I first tried it about two years ago after I saw a few very nice screenshots, but got scared of the first looks and left this for another time. At that time I was new to linux (…well still am) and had “a few” other things to learn first.
Well this is it then, not scared anymore :wink:

just like me :slight_smile:

post the config

Please give credit to He is the original creator of the icons.

waiting for your config …