opening Panels from FvwmButtons - mouse association


It appears that panels are opened from FvwmButtons by clicking either of rght/left/middle mouse button.

Is there a way to change this behavior and have the panel operational after say right click with left and middle click associated to different actions?



Haven’t tried it with panels but with buttons you can do it like so]
Action (mouse 0|1|2|3)
To disable a mouse button]
Action (mouse 0|1|2|3) Nop
Here’s an example from my config]*HorizontalPanel: (2x1, Colorset 13, ActionOnPress,
Icon icon_fns.svg:24x24,
ActiveIcon icon_fns.svg:24x24,
Action(Mouse 1) Menu MenuRoot)[/code]
Hope this helps

– Thomas –

Hi Thomas,

It does help partially!

For Panel button I am able to set a mouse bindings as “Nop” to one of 4 mouse keys as suggested.
This way, by elimination I can leave one(or more) button to open a panel.

However, my real intention was to be able to start two or more different panels from the same button by different mouse clicks. I think this is not possible at the moment. Correct me if I’m wrong!