Opera now has no decorations - how to restore?

I recently upgraded to Opera v. 55.0.2994.44, and it now displays no window decorations. I assume this could be part of the whole misguided CSD (client-side decorations) thing. I see nothing particularly useful in the output of FvwmIdent (is there a way to send this to a text file?)

I tried putting
Style Opera GNOMEIgnoreHints in my config, and restarted Fvwm, and this made no difference.

Is there a way to force always having a title bar and window borders, per my Fvwm config, no matter what the application says to do?

I’m on Fvwm v. 2.6.5

Update: I’m not certain this is a CSD issue, but for the curious:
How to disable GTK3 Client-Side Decorations.

Interesting thing there, it says:

Uh, so Fvwm has a compositor?

I could get the title-bar to show with:

Style "* - Opera" NoDecorHint

but no borders unfortunately.

I’m using the gtk3-nocsd patch. But it doesn’t seem to help for Opera.

Good to know. You’ve given a couple thoughts on things to try as well.

Has anyone made any progress with this? It is not quite a show-stopper, but it is close.

Client-side decorations suck.

There’s nothing FVWM can do. Time to go and badger this widget developers…

– Thomas