Overview pager layout

If this has not been requested or already available, this is an additional feature for FvwmPager.

How to handle a cluttered desk when small windows are under the larger one? SloppyFocus and FvwmAuto Raise mouse doesn’t have a click focus. This is solved with an overview of all windows on the page. Gnome Overview and Xfdashboard does it well at the cost of memory usage.

FvwmPager can do the same if the pager page layout of the windows is changed. Windows are in separate rows instead of stacked.
Can this feature be added… *FvwmPager: OverView

Here is a screenshot of a real-time clutter desk when working with images of Gimp, Dolphin to grab and load into OpenShot. And the illustrated new feature for FvwmPager.

Hi @rasat,

How would you programatically write an algorithm to achieve this? It’s not exactly feasible, and the whole point of FvwmPager is to represent where your windows are – it’s not there to pretty-print the windows you’re looking for.

This feature request does not change things. The mini window’s size and look is the same. The window placement will differ. I am not a developer but I am assuming from what I have learned about pager for years which is my main tool if-then on Gnome, Xfce, or FVWM.

First, it is not really correct to say a pager “represents” where the windows are. With the pager, you can move the location of windows on the desktop, and wise verse. Second, both have their own extensive configs.

When loading windows (desktop) they place themselves according to the Window Placement config. With the SmartPlacement this request maybe not needed. :slight_smile:

I am concluding, if the SmartPlacement config is included in the pager, the request is achieved. Does not need to be in rows as long as all windows are visible (a small part). For the user, the size of the pager has to be bigger. For this, I am using two pagers with one SwitchPagerButton located at the right upper corner (large OverViewPager with two pages, and small VerticalPager with 6 pages).

I found the FVWM’s way of listing the windows on a page. Not as beautiful as my requested pager layout, but does the job. :slight_smile:

Hitting Alt-Tab will pop up the WindowList menu. How to add this feature into FvwmButtons?

Use FvwmIconMan. You can’t swallow menus.

To list windows on the current page, this string works fine with the brackets WindowList (CurrentPage)

How to list the file name only? Not the full address such as…

Hi @rasat

The filename to what? I’m not following what it is you’re trying to do, or what information you’re trying to display.

Here is an action screenshot with the requested results. It shows the standard output of WindowList which can be very wide due to some lengthy window icon + path + name. (screenshot)

  1. How to display icon + name only?

  2. Another option is to have larger icons + name. If you look carefully, besides the Dolphin and Gimp icon, the Gimp images show a small thumbnail of the related file. MiniIcons could be replaced with thumbnails similar to my pager layout. Years ago there was a suggestion about having larger icons.

Note: WindowList can be launched with FvwmButtons (I prefer it over FvwmIconMan). Here is my WinListSwitch

Module FvwmButtons WinSwitchButtons
DestroyModuleConfig WinSwitchButtons: *
*WinSwitchButtons: (1x1, Title CurW, Action(Mouse 1) WindowList (CurrentPage) Root c c )

*WinSwitchButtons: (1x1, Title AllW, Action(Mouse 1) WindowList Root c c)

Hi @rasat

WindowList is documented in man fvwm3. You’ll find the answers you need there.

I read the WindowList section. The 47 options have not much importance for a common FVWM user, besides the MaxLabelWidth. The NoGeometryWithInfo can be good if icons and geometry is replaced with thumbnails. None of the NoIcons / Icons / OnlyIcons / UseIconName, are working.

My suggestion, if possible, add option UseFileName