Page Labeling on the Fly

Hello, I notice in some other window managers there is an ability to easily rename a page on the fly. This would be a nice feature for FvwmPager in fvwm3. It is useful if you want to work on project variants in different pages.

The label could overlay that page’s window in the pager with the font scaled to the window’s size. When a mouse hovers over that window, the label would disappear so that you could move the icons around within the window.

Sorry if I get some of the nomenclature wrong.

Fvwm doesn’t support naming pages, but you can name Desktops, with DesktopName <deskn> <name>, and you can change names any time you want (or write scripts with FvwmEvent to automate changing the desktop names for you). And FvwmPager will show the desktop name if configured to do so (and updates with any change).

Thanks for your reply. I am asking for this as a feature. It is very common in unix window managers to be able to label every page, and I see it used quite frequently in the electrical and software engineering community. I frequently use up to 8 pages, and it can get confusing keeping track after awhile.

Most window mangers don’t have pages, they have desks, and you can label every desk.