pagers with different settings

  1. I want two pagers that each shows different desktops.
  2. I want one pager that shows one and only one specified page in one specified desktop.

Any ideas.?

Use alias:

Module FvwmPager myalias1 mydesktopnum
Module FvwmPager myalias2 mydesktopnumother

This is not how FvwmPager was designed to work – so no.

– Thomas Adam

Thank you, i will try that.

Then i got a problem with setting up ActiveAction to switch pages.

Can i export the view from a Page to something that can be used as a FvwmButton.?
something like…

  1. A .png that resists in fvwmbuttons and is used together with ActiveAction.
  2. Automaticly take a screenshot when i leave a page
  3. Import the .png from the screenshot to become the new png in fvwmbuttons - (i would overwrite the old png so they keep the same filename)
  4. Update the view of the screenshot in fvwm-buttons.

I guess that is not possible, if it is not - is there any other solution.?

How so? I’ve actually updated that patch to include a delay offset before an action is triggered. I guess I should release it at some point.

You could just use FvwmEvent and FvwmButtons to update this icon as you switch pages, but it would suck. Note that it’s not as simple as you would like because you’re effectively going to have to display the image from the page you were at before you changed. Got any idea how you’d do that? You’d have to store $[page,nx] and $[page.ny] in variables which get updated only once you’ve taken a screenshot of what you’re wanting to do (which, inside a function must use PipeRead) and then use SendToModule for FvwmButtons to change the button’s ID as apropos for the Icon. Most of this I’ve already implemented – just search these forums.

Not easy.

– Thomas Adam

I mean…
I got a problem with usning ActieveAction togetehr with switching pages in FvwmPager.

I have no complains about your patch, it fills my needs as it is.

Would it suck because it gives delays writing-reading on disc.?
Whar if i save it in memmory, is that possible.?
At least there should be some kind of ram-disk for Linux where i can keep it.?

…ok i got the second thing that make it suck - maybe the main thing(?), but i don’t realy understand it.

If i am on one page, and then execute a function to switch page -the first that function does is take the shot and then switch page and then update the button…

I will try what you suggest and see what happens.

Which is what, specifically?

No, nothing like that. I meant it would be a little slow.

But it would never work that – you could force the ordering using PipeRead but this again falls into the “sucks” option – you’d really notice a delay for a start.

– Thomas Adam

You can store the temporal stuff under /dev/shm, but beware that it will still suck. The big bottleneck is not the time you need to read the files, as Thomas Adam already pointed out.

ok i got the point.

Thanks for the information.
I will do the next best alternative then.
I will put the fvwmpager in fvwmbuttons and add a tab to switch between a view of fvwmpager and view of where i have buttons representing each page, and assign ActiveAction to these buttons.

The problem is just that my idea doesn’t work.

As workaround could be that i have as many desktops that i need, and then just one page at each desktop.
that would give me 9x9 desktops, how much would that bloat my system compared to my usual setup - 9 desktops with a desktopsize of 3x3 ?

Then i would have 81 pagers in fvwmbuttons - would that to bloat my system a lot.? I guess the ansver is yes, but i as i am a newbie i need to ask that.

Is there anywhere to find specifications how much memory/cpu different fvwmmodules use.?

You mean have a DesktopSize of 1x1 and then using DesktopName 0…8 to define nine desktops? That’s fine.

No, it wouldn’t. In fact, there really is little difference between have one single page within a desk, and many pages within one desk. Where it counts more is usability – since there’s some things you can and cannot do across page->desk boundaries and desk->desk boundaries.

Crudely via ps(1).

– Thomas Adam

Yes that exactly what i mean.

nice :slight_smile:

What i can think about there is that the use of the right mousebutton over the fvwmpager that gradually change the viewport will dissapear. And - that when i move the mouse to an edge of the screen to come into the next desktop also will dissapear.

If there are more stuff that can’t be done when this setup is used - can you please give one or two more examples.?

I think there should be possible to write functions to accomplish the last thing - change the desktop when the cursor hits the screen edge.
Do i need to write 81 functions.?
If yes (i suppose) - then… I understand that i should use one function and let that be called with parameters representing the page i want to switch to.
Probably i need some help there later on but i hope that i can manage it myself - i don’t think its very complicated.
My purpose is to have all fvwmpagers in fvwmbuttons and buttons with ActiveAction between each fvwmpageer.
Then i just set pager to go off the way as soon as i click on a desktop.

I think i should create two fvwmbuttons with equal settings but the one with the activeaction and the second one without.
Why not have a fvwmpager instead of a second fvwmbutton - maybe soemone ask.
Because i want the ability to group the Desks with the labels i use to have in my default setup - for example, i don’t wan’t 9 one pages desktops named Misc :smiley:

Is alias still good there, or should i try to create different fvwmpagers another way.?

Unfortunately, the bindings for the mouse in the pager are hard-coded – that is, whilst you’re moving the viewport in the pager, no other actions are triggered – but you said it yourself in your other observation, what you can do is use EdgeCommand to hide the pager or do whatever.

Just what is it you’re wanting to do? Hiding or showing the pager based on various conditions is fine, but you’re going to have to spell it out.

Just set:

EdgeScroll 100 100
EdgeResistance 1 100

Or somesuch to accomplish that. In fact, in order to escape the default settings FVWM gives you, you’d have to have explicitly done the opposite to turn it off.

Now you’re just being silly.

Go off where? If all you want to have happen is for it to be iconified somewhere, then:

DestroyModuleConfig FE:*
*FE: new_page "Next (FvwmPager, !Iconic) Iconify"

Module FvwmEvent FE

But then the assumption here is that you’d be explicitly deiconifying it at some point.

– Thomas Adam

dante65 wrote:Do i need to write 81 functions.?
Now you’re just being silly.

I thought that its just was possible to switch between pages, not between desks.
/NewBie Dante65

You said pages though. You can’t interchangeably make up names and expect people to fill in the correct meaning for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Desk to desk is more of a pain, hence why I said to you there are limitations.

– Thomas Adam

I don’t want to argue about that - but i cant see that i wrote so, and if i did then i did wrong.

peace man 8) .

So then i have to write a lot of functions.?

Not at all. As before, see the following commands:


– Thomas Adam

It seems that its time for me to rtfm, and try the solutions out.
Thank you for the patience and the god answers.