Painless Fvwm

Actually it’s been long and painful getting here … but the view suits me! :smiley: Still not finished though …

Here is my .fvwm2rc. The titlebar and titlebar icons are pixmap-free (at last). The design is heavily influenced by the Fluxbox metadb theme, and has been slightly adjusted to match the GNOME lighthouseblue theme engine, which I particularly like.

The first screenshot shows a vertically maximised urxvt to show how the maximise icon changes when a window is maximised.

The second screenshot shows minimised windows displayed as proper icons, which I prefer to the oversized ImageMagicked mini-screenshots.

The wallpaper (asia sundial) is from DeviantArt.

I can see ur affinity with fluxbox :slight_smile:
Look nice stilll…is those same icone i want to use fir me desktop

Hi Yatta,

Yeah, I like the clean, simple look of Fluxbox, but the last time I tried it, it seemed a little unresponsive on my old machine.

Do you mean the mini-icons used in the menu? They’re not mine to give away, but Taviso hints at how to obtain them:

I did find that they didn’t quite cover my needs, so I created a few of my own, which you’re welcome to use:


Coool I’ll give them a try… Sorry took so liong to reply… been busy.
I just reinstalled my SuSE slowly configuring my stuff back to how they were…

I’ve been wanting to use torsmo for a while now, having been entranced by it’s understated simplicity and low memory usage. Of course, I can’t say definitely that I’ll never use gkrellm again! :slight_smile: One thing that stopped me was the lack of a suitable analog clock (gkrellm has a couple of plugins for analog clocks), but I finally found xtu, which works well with torsmo. The clocks transparent background is essential! A bit of careful positioning is required …

… but once that’s done, it looks quite good, I think! :smiley: And all for about a third of the memory usage of gkrellm, which I still think is a great application.



Man i love those icons … been searching everywhere for theme , where did you guys found them ??
I tried Taviso’s way n Gentoo forums but they aret there anymore is there another place to download them ??

Man i love those icons … been searching everywhere for theme , where did you guys found them ??
I tried Taviso’s way n Gentoo forums but they aret there anymore is there another place to download them ??


The only place I can suggest is You have to register before you can download anything, and since I haven’t registered, I can’t say what’s on offer!

I hope you find what you’re after.

The d_man.php link was a link to an iso image, and you had to extract the gifs from the iso, then convert them to pngs, so that’s the sort of thing you’ll probably have to do.


yeah i tried but no luck at all it gives me some error … im gonna try again later

Hi Mascanho,

I found another image!

Its a 237M download.

Once you have it, apply taviso’s instructions, replacing “d_man.php” with “qnxnc621.iso”.



ahhhh tanks a lot man really apreciate :wink:
Yup that one worked just fine !

Im cleaning this a bit and still doing some stuff in here when i got this concluded im gonna post it all in here :wink:

You obviously have a great mind - your layout is very similar to my own :slight_smile:

Uncluttered screen, pager bottom right, monitor top right. . . Snap! I’ve been using GKrellM, as Torsmo didn’t seem like it would fit in the space. But, after seeing your shot, I had a go with it, and I might just end up switching over to it.

Very nice!

Im not managing to extract those icons can anyone tar them or something is it a big package ???
For some reason it didnt worked :confused:
I Really like those icons … where else can i find them ?

Thanks for the thumbs-up oneandoneis2! It’s nice to find someone who has similar tastes. I like simplicity, no toolbars or clutter! I’d like to see a screeny of your setup if you change it. :slight_smile:

What sort of error are you getting Mascanho? If you have the iso, you should be able to extract the icons without too much trouble. Can you mount the iso without any errors?

I tried out the iso image posted here, and it all worked out just fine, except the convertion of *.gif -files into *.png -files because in the taviso’s instructions there are 3 assumptions; 1) you use bash 2) you have imagemagick installed 3) you have isoinfo installed (for me, it came with mkisofs -program, I believe). You could change the conversion line to be a bit more general, ie. for i in *.gif; do convert $i $(basename $i .gif).png; done
or something similar.

No huge changes, just a new menu icon in the same format (24x18 pixel png) as the qnx sourced icons. I got a major hardware upgrade recently and I can now play Doom3! :smiley: (The icon is for Doom3.)

All such icons I’ve created are in a tarfile at



sweet … 8)
Flux style, i like it !!!
Im not really in to Big Confs with loads of pixmaps and stuff ! it bloats like hell , but i respect who like’s them !!

heres mine …

nothing too much … clean simple and fuctional !! .

PS: i really liked your firefox status !!! :wink:

mascanho could you post your config i like your window decor and menu setup. Also where on the net did you get that kick a$$ wallpaper.


config is still progressing when its done ill post it for you !
about the wall paper it was made by me ( a bit of it ) it was just a 1024x900 pic , and didnt had the " Fvwm" :slight_smile:

So here it is for you

All config in a few weeks … let me pass the exams !!! :wink: