Pasq FVWM Chaninja Style theme

My friend wanted me to make FVWM looks like Winshit XP with Chaninja style. It is not perfect, but … Anyway, here are the shots:

Subzero theme:

Deviant theme:

Original XP theme: HERE
Icons Gant: HERE
Wallpapers: HERE
FVWM config: HERE

You can change this theme to any Winshit XP theme by changing few Pixmaps in .fvwm/theme-win-*/images/. FvwmIconMan config is a mix of mntnoe’s FVWM and FVWM crystal.

I take it that you mean that it’s not a perfect Windows emulation, but rest assured that the looks could deceive many an avid windows user.

Looking nice either way, even though a windows like setup is not my personal favourite :wink:

yes, looks nice :slight_smile:

I just grabbed it and made a theme (window-decor only) for oroborus of it:

Thanks, Mark

Good lord! Windows is invading our desktop :open_mouth:

Real nice job. The wallpapers fit nicely with your theme colors. Beside, the colors, you’ve chosen, are simply my favorites. 8) You rock.

pem is the bar at the bottom of the screen part of fvwm-crystal or is that a fvwm module?

the reason being i want something like that for my fvwm config as sometimes when i minimize beep-mediaplayer it just vanishes from my desktop…

It seems to be an FvwmIconMan, but you’d better ask the auhor :wink:

This is a FvwmIconman module, config of this module is a mix of mntnoe’s FVWM and FVWM crystal.

ewwwwwwwww :open_mouth:

Pasq, how i can get transparecy on your minimized windows (thumbnail function)?

hahahaha , defines uma Colorset como é obvio !!!
Ve la mas e se começas a pensar um bokado

UltraDiabos - in this configs there are no thumbernails when application is minimized, You can look here, the function is called thumbnail, and to get trancparancy, you have to add IconAlpha xxx% to your colorsets.

mascanho - English please :slight_smile: