Pasq FVWM theme

The theme is customize to 1280x1024 resolution and my needs :slight_smile: In package, there are many themes, here are some screenshots:

Red theme:

White theme:

Brown theme:

Mac theme (with shadows):

White mac theme (with shadows):

Theme can be downloaded from This site


Interesting – I like the colours, although I find the use of transparency a bit too heavy for my liking. :slight_smile: I noticed in the red screenshot that your FvwmButtons had an “extra” bit at the end – with FvwmPager and a clock which doesn’t appear in the other shots – is this a toggleable addition to the existing FvwmButtons bar?

– Thomas Adam

In this config you can choose which placement of FvwmButtons/Pager/Clock you want. You can choose from 5 diferent configs.

Nice config(s)! I actually found these before this forum from your website.

I really, really, love the wallpaper of the red theme. Where have you found it? Or have you done it yourself? It seems as it has been made with illustrator or such, which makes me wonder how long did it take to finish it. :wink:

Red Wallpaper

Thanks, I had already found it from your site days ago. :slight_smile:

Real nice set! 8)

It looks and works just great :slight_smile:

They are fresh and clean. Thank you for sharing!

No problem :slight_smile:

any way this fvwm can work at 1024x768…i installed it but so much is not on my screen

any help please?

It’s because the person who wrote the config hasn’t made use of variable such as $[vp.x] $[vp.y] and whatnot. That’s fine, but if you don’t run at the same resolution, you run into the same problems. So you’ll just have to manually ajust the -geometry settings, I’m afraid.

– Thomas Adam

where are these -geometry settings located? cuz when you open the folder .fvwm there are so many more inside i guess for all the other themes…


They’re options supplied to a program and not a separate file. So look in the ~/.fvwm/config file and play about with it. Note that something similar has already been asked, here

– Thomas Adam.

The geometry configs are EVERYWHERE :smiley: You can find then using grep :slight_smile:

Where is the config file??

…For the "White mac theme (with shadows): "

I would really like the shadows and the clock and date.

I have tried to make your green config fit to a 1400*1050, but it doen’t seem to work. Is it only possible to use in a specific resolution?

It’s a lot of work to do, to configure it such that it works for other resolutions. Reverse-engineering such a thing is possible (search the forums, as it has been discussed before.), but only if it was designed with it in mind.

The easiest thing for you to do is to hack the geometry locations yourself.

– Thomas Adam

Hehe yes I have used the last 2 hours to puzzle the buttons to match precisely 1400 pixels…but still some won’t fit even if I add them together and the result is 1400.