[PATCH]: FvwmButtons tooltips.

Hello all,

Last night I produced a very quick hack for providing user-supplied tool tips to FvwmButtons. You can find more information about it here:


Don’t expect too much from it at the moment, as I am still working on it. But any suggestions for feedback you might have would be very welcome.

– Thomas Adam

Well great work !! Thank you very much for it!!
This is something i always wanted to see implemented in fvwm !! :smiley:
There is only one thing, which is not working for me:
When I move the cursor direct to a button and stop the tip is not shown.
By moving inside the button it will be shown.
Maybe this is hard to understand that’s why two little screenshots:

Here i just moved to the button and stopped.

And here i moved a bit inside the button.
Maybe it is possible that the tip is shown after you spend some time on the button (like it happend with the Balloons on the pager) ??

Yeah – it’s a problem in the EnterWindow event handler – I’ll fix it this evening when I get home from work and upload a fix.

– Thomas Adam