Pem's FVWM

I am having an issue with Pem’s FVWM Config. In Fvwm 2.5.X the topbar looks like it should, white background, the current window in blue.

In 2.6 the topbar looks like this:

I have read the config, read the FvwmButtons man page but I cannot figure out what changed between 2.5.30 and 2.6.x to break this part of the config.

edit: I should add top.fvwm2rc

[code]Style FvwmTopBar NoTitle, StaysOnBottom, Sticky, WindowListSkip,
CirculateSkipIcon, CirculateSkip, HandleWidth 0, BorderWidth 0,
NeverFocus, Layer 1

This size corresponds to: ScreenWidth(1680) - Border(5) - Border(5)

SetEnv fvwm_topbar_width 1270

This size corresponds to: fvwm_topbar_width - 265

SetEnv fvwm_topbar_iconman_width 1041
SetEnv fvwm_topbar_icon_width 125

This end of IconMan position corresponds to: fvwm_topbar_width + fvwm_topbar_icon_width(125)

SetEnv fvwm_topbar_endim_pos 1166

This battery level position corresponds to: fvwm_topbar_endim_pos + EndIconManWidth(12)

#SetEnv fvwm_topbar_battery_pos 1142

This inter application position 1 corresponds to: fvwm_topbar_battery_pos + VolumeWidth(36)

SetEnv fvwm_topbar_interap_pos1 1178

This volume level position corresponds to: fvwm_topbar_interap_pos1 + InterApWidth(6)

SetEnv fvwm_topbar_volume_pos 1184

This inter application position 2 corresponds to: fvwm_topbar_volume_pos + VolumeWidth(36)

SetEnv fvwm_topbar_interap_pos2 1220

This wifi position corresponds to: fvwm_topbar_interap_pos2 + InterApWidth(6)

SetEnv fvwm_topbar_wifi_pos 1226

This end of topbar position corresponds to: fvwm_topbar_wifi_pos + WifiWidth(36)

SetEnv fvwm_topbar_end_pos 1262

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmTopBar: *
*FvwmTopBar: BoxSize fixed
*FvwmTopBar: Colorset 23
*FvwmTopBar: Columns $[fvwm_topbar_width]
*FvwmTopBar: Rows 40
*FvwmTopBar: Geometry $[fvwm_topbar_width]x40+5+5
*FvwmTopBar: Frame 0
*FvwmTopBar: Padding 0 0
*FvwmTopBar: ( $[fvwm_topbar_icon_width]x40+0+0, Icon $[fvwm_theme_img]/topbar_head.png)
*FvwmTopBar: ( $[fvwm_topbar_iconman_width]x7+$[fvwm_topbar_icon_width]+0, Icon $[fvwm_theme_img]/topbar_up.png)
*FvwmTopBar: ( $[fvwm_topbar_iconman_width]x26+$[fvwm_topbar_icon_width]+7, Swallow “FvwmIconMan” “FvwmIconMan -g $[fvwm_topbar_iconman_width]x26”)
*FvwmTopBar: ( $[fvwm_topbar_iconman_width]x7+$[fvwm_topbar_icon_width]+33, Icon $[fvwm_theme_img]/topbar_down.png)
*FvwmTopBar: ( 12x40+$[fvwm_topbar_endim_pos]+0, Icon $[fvwm_theme_img]/topbar_endim.png)
#*FvwmTopBar: ( 36x40+$[fvwm_topbar_battery_pos]+0, Swallow “BatteryState” `FvwmScript $[fvwm_script]/BatteryState \

$[fvwm_theme_img]/bat4.png \

$[fvwm_theme_img]/bat3.png \

$[fvwm_theme_img]/bat2.png \

$[fvwm_theme_img]/bat1.png \

$[fvwm_theme_img]/bat0.png )

*FvwmTopBar: ( 6x40+$[fvwm_topbar_interap_pos1]+0, Icon $[fvwm_theme_img]/topbar_interap.png)
*FvwmTopBar: ( 36x40+$[fvwm_topbar_volume_pos]+0, Swallow “VolumeLevel” FvwmScript $[fvwm_script]/VolumeLevel \ $[fvwm_theme_img]/volume4.png \ $[fvwm_theme_img]/volume3.png \ $[fvwm_theme_img]/volume2.png \ $[fvwm_theme_img]/volume1.png \ $[fvwm_theme_img]/volume0.png ) *FvwmTopBar: ( 6x40+$[fvwm_topbar_interap_pos2]+0, Icon $[fvwm_theme_img]/topbar_interap.png) *FvwmTopBar: ( 36x40+$[fvwm_topbar_wifi_pos]+0, Swallow "WifiSensor" FvwmScript $[fvwm_script]/WifiSensor
$[fvwm_theme_img]/wifi0.png )
*FvwmTopBar: ( 8x40+$[fvwm_topbar_end_pos]+0, Icon $[fvwm_theme_img]/topbar_tail.png)[/code]

I was having the same problem today when I upgraded to 2.6.x. When I searched around I saw your post. Our configs matched pretty well so I started playing around and found that it’s the -g argument to FvwmIconMan so I removed it. Here’s my changed line:

*FvwmTopBar: (	1903x26+125+7,	Swallow "FvwmIconMan" 'FvwmIconMan')

Hope it helps.

Me too! Does this fix work?

Yup, that did the fix. Thanks!

Now I just have to readjust the geometry manually.