Perfect WindowOps Menu

I really love dynamic menus, they rock :slight_smile:
I’ve been working on the perfect Window Operations menu, these are the features I’ve currently got:
[] Application specific window operations.
[size=75]Any application can have specific entries in the window operations menu, such as “New Window” in your browser, “Fetchmail” for your mua, “Pause” for xmms and so on.[/size][/
[] Non-ambiguous Window operations.
[size=75]Having “(Un)Maximise” to represent Maximise and Maximise Off and “Stays on Top” when the window is already on top seems ugly, my menus contain only the relevant options.[/size][/
[] Group operations
[size=75]Each menu lets you perform the same option on similar windows on the same page or desk, such as “Close all Xterms”, this is really useful :slight_smile:[/size][/
[] Multi operations.
[size=75]Each menu lets you select an operation then keep selecting windows to perform the action on until you’re done, this saves lots of mouse clicks.[/size][/
[] Alternatives.
[size=75]When you choose to see a menu, an alternatives menu is created that lets you see all similar windows, sort of a mini WindowList, I use this all the time now to find that missing xterm :slight_smile:.[/size][/
Does anyone have any suggestions or features I’m missing? :slight_smile:
Here are some screenshots:

I can upload my current configuration if anyone is interested in what I have so far. :slight_smile:

Hi Tavis!!!

that looks really cool!!! tat would be nice if you upload your config on your web page!! You always have some interesting ideas!

Best regards, Brice

ps: one stuff I have noticed in your config, this PackUp functions are a bit complicated, why not just a raise and an AnimatedMove ???

Impressive indeed…
Just by looking at the xmms shot a new world of possibilities has opened inside my wicked mind.
By the way, I can’t miss the chance to praise your setups Taviso. I am using yours with some personal touches (iconman inside the shelf, xmms controls, layer control (always on top, etc)), and it’s quite the rockage. You got me into this WM, to say it all in one sentence.


Of course we are interested ! 8)

Group operations and Multi operations sound pretty interesting.

Application specific window operations and Non-ambiguous Window operations
are some kind of elegant.


Is it this you’re looking for or is that an older version?

This one (the one the link you’ve provided point at) seems to be an old one. The “appmenu” for xmms is not present and the header indicates the date of 2004/06/20 …


This is the one i’m working on at the moment :slight_smile:


Thanks, Brice

I was just wondering if you forgot to add one more exclamation mark? :unamused:

maybe? :laughing:

Thanks, Tavis. I wanted context-sensitive options, but didn’t understand the DynamicPopupAction well enough to make them work on my own. With your beta config as a sample, I’ve been able to set up appropriate Iconify/Deiconify and other options.

Also, I like that group actions ability. I’m working on replacing the normal Alt+Tab list with a slightly modified version of ‘MenuFvwmQuickWindowList’. The main difference being that it shows all windows with thumbnails for the iconified ones.

Now, if only that FakeKeypress thing actually worked, then I could more quickly save and exit all my vim sessions at the end of the day, as well as create other terminal app context-sensitive entries.

Thanks, again.

For that, you may look in taviso’s .fvwm2rc config… it is expose menu


FIXME: Make this more useful.

XXX: This doesnt do much yet, you can play with it if you like.


DestroyFunc FvwmExpose
AddToFunc FvwmExpose

  • I AddToMenu FvwmExposeMenu “.: e x p o s e :.” Title
  • I + DynamicPopDownAction DestroyMenu FvwmExposeMenu
  • I All (!Iconic !Shaded CurrentPage AcceptsFocus)
    PipeRead “echo Raise;
    xwd -silent -id $[] | convert -scale 128 -quality 0 xwd:-
    && echo AddToMenu FvwmExposeMenu
    %$[FVWM_USERDIR]/icon.exp.$[].png%\’”$[]"\’ WindowID $[] WarpToWindow 50 50
    && echo AddToMenu FvwmExposeMenu \"\" Nop
    || Nop"
  • I Popup FvwmExposeMenu
  • I Exec exec rm -f $[FVWM_USERDIR]/icon.exp.*[/code]

Sorry for my bad English… I’m french.

is there a way to make really dynamic menus (or part of menus) by reading in /usr/bin directory? or do you think this is useless? perhaps it is

You can use Test (x foo) xxx to only execute xxx if foo is availble in your $PATH, is that what you mean?

Really reading /usr/bin would be useless, right :smiley:

I’d have 2268 entrys in my menu then… containing stuff like grep and such, i think most of the programs in /usr/bin are completely useless if called from a menu :slight_smile: