ph030's "back to work"

Hi :slight_smile:

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I will post my config “when it’s done”, so far you can only look at a screenie - grab it here:

This config is intended to make working easy & fast, but still provide a little beauty(at least I think it does).
For the people who might think about using it(when I finished and uploaded it), be aware that their won’t be any ‘spiffy-I’m-looking-at-eyecandy-not-doing-my-work’ things :wink:
There is(and will be) only one menu, from witch you can edit the FVWM-config-files, but nothing to start applications from! Everything can and will be done by various shortcuts, may it be launching some apps or the window-handling, etc. pp.

The provided screenshot doesn’t show much, but I’ll explain it anyway :slight_smile:
There’s nothing more than ‘irssi-svn’, ‘ncmpc’ and ‘mc’, each running in a (pseudo-)transparent ‘urxvt’.
The wallpaper is also nothing special - found the lil’ tux via google and made a minimalistic wp out of it(if someone wants it, there’re two versions on my gallery.

Comments are welcome, my config definetly will come in the next days!


Wanted to shout out a big thx to: TavisO, chwombat, ikaro, tBD, ThomasAdam, Nick Fortune and some others, who are always inspiring me and are doing a great work for the community :smiley:

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Ich winke dann mal zurück 8) !

The screen looks nice.


what’s the clock and the font for it?

looks very slick

font: as usual:

Yep, the font is ‘mintsstrong’ from the Artwiz-Package, the clock is part of ‘ncmpc’ if you compile it with ‘clock’-support.