philux's config

Hy, first sorry for my English !

here’s my fvwm desktop :


Normally, all the menu is generated by a script (called ~/.fvwm/scripts/
A ‘admin’ menu contain all application must be launched as root.
And it’s a menu with all services. Like that :

When fvwm is launch, a screen called ‘Fvwm’ start (command screen -S Fvwm).
Then, a xterm is swallowed and reattach on the Fvwm screen.
And when you want to launch a service by the menu, the command is send to the screen, so you just put your passord…

The xterm can also used normally, for launching a command without have a 15th term on your desktop \o/

There is also a little music player using mpd and mpc on the dock.

You can also configures somes options (like your term, your resolution etc) with a zenity script who can be launched from the menu :

I made somes other features, but it’s too long to speak about in English :/

Here’s the config ][/url]
Sorry, the README file is in french…

first, install somes dependancies :

fvwm imagemagik xterm screen mpd mpc conky zenity hsetroot (put the command you want before, emerge -av, apt-get install …)

untar the archive into your ~ directory, and rename the directory fvwm in .fvwm or make a link :
ln -s fvwm .fvwm

I suggest you to launch the script ‘preferences’ for the first time :slight_smile:

Really nice. I like the terminal on the bottom of the screen with the rounded corners. Are you using zsh for your shell? Mind posting your prompt?

yes, it’s zsh, with the prompt ‘adam2’

a part of my ~/.zshrc

autoload -U promptinit promptinit prompt adam2
(adam2’s prompt come with zsh normally)