Placement of new window

in fvwm I have default placement set to ManualPlacement:
Style * ManualPlacement

I want to ask how to arrange that gkrellm will be always opened in top left corner without asking?

And another question: gaim is allways running in sticky mode, I have in my config
Style Gaim Slippery,StartsOnPage 2 0
but it doesn’t work :frowning:

Thank you for any hints

Style GKrellm MinOverlapPlacement

… in that the Gaim window is still sticky? Check with FvwmIdent the
name of the window in that case, or use its class name.

– Thomas Adam

Thank you very much for your quick answer. I have found, that your code should be written in config file after “Style * ManualPlacement”, otherwise it’s not working…

I use some config files downloaded from the internet and I didn’t notice that Style for Gaim is redefined in these config files later.

Thank you,

Yes, order of precedence is important: … styles.txt

– Thomas Adam


you could swallow gkrellm too in a fvwmbutton …