plz...i try to undertand it


I installed Fvwm-themes.

The themes are very modularized.

To change, copy the folder with a theme you like, e.g. from
/usr/share/fvwm/themes/blackbox to

Now you can change the files in /test , and immedeatly see if your changes work, by reloading the theme in the themes-menue.

If you do not want to work with fvwm-themes,
take a look at

You can download his configuration 1.5, it is very modularized, take it as a “base” and apply the changes you need.

Greets, Mark

Imho it’s mostly matter of personal preference, most people tend to split their config in a couple of major chunks, others, like pem, tend to split them into very small parts, there is no best, it’s just what you like the most.

I personally use three config files, one for my main functionality, one for my menus and one for my functions, I think that’s a quite common setup for Fvwm users :slight_smile: