Popup (menu) : how to stop the mouse from going to it.


I am new to FVWM, but have it working pretty much as I would like. I do have a number of questions/problems, though, which I am trying to google/deal with one at a time.

However, I can not find out how to make the mouse NOT go to a pop up menu (when it pops up from a key press).

I also couldn’t search on the forums because both “menu” and “focus” were too common as search terms (the search rejected them)

How do you stop the mouse from going to popup menus ?

Search in your config(s) for “SelectInPlace”, “SelectWarp” or “TitleWarp”. If you find one remove it (“SelectInPlace”, “SelectWarp”) or disable it (“TitleWarp” with “!TitleWarp”).

For more information about menus see Menu and MenuStyle.

Hope this helps.

– Thomas –

I meant, “given that I have already done what it seems I should have”

My menu style is

MenuStyle sdmMenuStyle \
			!TitleWarp,	\
			NoWarp, \
			!SelectInPlace,  \
			!SelectWarp,	\
			VerticalItemSpacing 1 1, \
			PopupOffset 1 100, \
			!AutomaticHotKeys,	\
 			MouseWheel	ScrollsMenu,	\
			 RemoveSubmenus,				\
			PopdownImmediately,			\
 			Foreground	turquoise3,	\
			Background	DarkOliveGreen,  \
 			Sidecolor	DarkOliveGreen,  \
			SelectOnRelease Meta_L,	\
			Font -*-Verdana-medium-r-*-*-9-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

and I also have

style Submenu* GrabFocusOff
style MainMenu* GrabFocusOff
key 	a	A	CS	Popup MainMenu Root 0 0
ChangeMenuStyle sdmMenuStyle MainMenu 

all the other settings work, but the pointer still goes to the menu when and where ever it appears, and, thus, also causes the first sub-menu to pop up.

When you - I mean anyone reading this - pop up a menu from a key stroke, do(es) your pointer(s) always go to the menu?

This isn’t possible.

I actually replied a couple of days ago but that post has disappeared

I said, (1) “good reply” and (2) "unfortunately it is possible and is happening and is it possibly related to some ‘new windows get focus’ or something? "

You can’t stop the pointer moving with each entry through the menu.

oh, well, ok. Badness

That’ s a BAD design flaw: do unrequested, unwanted things with the mouse in response to a keystroke. I should raise a bug.

The pointer is grabbed when the menu is shown. There is no bug.

I actually replied a couple of days ago but that post has disappeared.

All works! Thank you!