PositionPlacement Problem [solved]

I’m tinkering with a config as a work in progress and PositionPlacement seems to be erratic. In deperation I have added:

style * PositionPlacement Center

and many applications are centred. Some are coming up in arbitrary positions (e.g: SciTE, SMPlayer) but what is really surprising is FVWMButtons always turning up in the top left if no geometry is specified. Is this a known problem or is this intended behaviour? Am I likely to have done anything stupid?

I have an up-to-date arch linux system, which provides fvwm 2.6.1. I’m logging standard error but can see nothing appearing at the point when FVWMButtons is launching.

Many thanks,


It’s not a bug, you need to set:

Style * !UseUSPosition

– Thomas Adam

Superb! Between !UseUSPosition and !UsePPosition I now appear to have all the control I need.

Many thanks,